Direct payday lenders can offer up to $1500 in a very short period of time without any major formalities or procedures. The step followed to approve the loan amount is quite simple. These lenders do not follow any procedures or formalities to offer or approve loans. And applying for such loans and acquiring cash through such loans is very simple and easy. Almost everyone gets approved for such loans. In order to qualify for such loans you should be above 18, with a regular monthly income of above $1000 and an active savings account. Due to the absence of the credit checking and lengthy procedures the loan amount gets approved very quickly. On approval the cash gets wired to your active banking account in no time by these direct lenders. Such lenders help in reducing the rate of interest to a very great extent by dealing directly with the borrower. Repayment date and time has to be kept in mind and a prompt payment has to be made to build a good relationship between the two.  


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