One hour payday loans mean only 60 minutes of your time is required to secure a fast cash loan. This type of loan has to be the fastest commercial loan in the market. Banks would not be able to compete with such speed in processing a loan deal regardless of the loan amount. There are too many tedious procedures and signatories required with bank loans.<br /> <br /> <br /> However, commercialized payday loan lenders can offer one hour payday loans because these are non-institutional lenders. They may be subjected to the state authorities on their loan deals and business operations but they get more freedom and flexibility in their loan business. Hence, it is possible to secure one hour payday loans from commercialized payday lenders who are experienced with payday loans and have the necessary technological resources.

There are fewer procedures in a payday loan processing with commercialized payday loan lenders to churn out the loan quicker than banks. 

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